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Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets


Can there be anything more offensive out there? I mean seriously, you expect me to eat something that looks just like me! I get it, they taste delicious but come on! It’s sickening to watch someone eat something that’s modeled after yourself! Ugh, it’s stuff like this that makes me wish I wasn’t a dinosaur. 


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Dinosaurs are not, I repeat, NOT extinct! I am ashamed to hear that teachers in schools say that we are all dead! I mean, come on. You’re hearing one speak this very moment!


Great Day!

Today I had one of the most scrumptious meals in the world! I finally got to try some maple leaves! They were super delicious and made me extra happy! I also got to go to a dinner and I dressed up rather sophisticated! Might I say, I’m a rather dashing fellow ;]…

Love ALWAYS, Dashing Dino :)

""Dinosaurs are amazing" ~ SOO inspirational…"

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Hello, I am a Dino! And I like to dash fast! :) My neck is long and my body is short and fat. It’s okay though, I like the way I am!

Love ALWAYS, Dashing Dino :)